GÓMEZ MACÍAS CARGO, S.A. is a company in full expansion founded in 1996. Its main activities are: International Freight Forwarders , Customs Agents and Integral Logistics. Next we detail the most important characteristics of our Organization and Activities.

GÓMEZ MACÏAS CARGO; S.A. has a wide and selected network of correspondents, at national and international level, with which it maintains a regular flow of business interchange, as much aerial as maritime, which allows it to resolve all the intermediate cases that compose a Foreign Trade operation and to be able to offer a True Integral Logistics (door to door) , for which we have a own service of Customs Agency, warehouses and fleet of vehicles for the interior distribution.

However and with reference to our Customs service, GÓMEZ MACÍAS CARGO, S.A. is connected by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI System) with the Customs Administration, which allows us to do the customs clearances of import and export, with absolut fluidity and celerity in our customs operations.

Our commerce fund is our best guarantee and pride because companies of world-wide prestige have settled their trust in us.

Therefore, today from GÓMEZ MACÍAS CARGO, S.A., we can guarantee advice, technical qualification, agile administration, variety of services, international relationships and information "just in time". Of course all within a system of prices in the market line and with a serious and clear economic treatment of absolut confidence.

I think that this exposition will serve you to have a possitive vision of our company, although for us the most important thing is to be able to show it to you everyday.

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