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Our Warehouses

Due to independient storage areas, we are able to offer multipurpose storage providing service to different industries as well as large surface area for chemical products.

Almacenes Logisticos en Valencia. Almacen y gestión de almacenes por sectores: automocion, químico, fitosanitario, agrícola, alimentación, vidrio, gran consumo. Gestión ROPO para almacen y transporte de productos fitosanitarios. Valencia. España.


Our services are adapted to diverse industrial sectors highlighting:

Cuality and compliance

As Authorized Economic Operatos, IATA and FIATA Agents, we are commited to meet the expectations of our clients, through and internal quality system, dynamic and flexible to be adapted to the client’s needs, complying with legal compliance and focused in the  pursuit of excellence.

Our warehouses not only comply with regulatory requirements, but are equipped with robust safety and security measures to prevent enviromental and human major -accident hazards.