Expertise in different customs processes for the automotive industry. We work with system integrations and our own ad-hoc programming that enable the automation of customs processes.

Interlocutors with the Tax Agency. We manage taxes on behalf of our clients.

Storage and trafficking of spare parts.


We carry out procedures for border control Authorities such as Veterinary, health and Quality bodies.

Our team is daily present in the physical inspections of the goods, being the eyes of our customers. Our offices in the port of Valencia facilitate direct contact with the Control Authorities. Our facilities are authorised for non-animal food storage.

Logistica Alimentaria. Controles Sanitarios y Fitosanitarios en frontera para la industria alimentaria.

Phytosanitary and Agricultural

Within the framework of comprehensive logistics, we offer management from supplier to client, offering transport, customs procedures, storage, and distribution as well WMS integrations possibilities.

We store and distribute agrochemical products and seeds, registered in Spanish Registry ROPO.

We ensure temperature and humidity control through equipment located in our own facilities during summertime.


Our facilities follow SEVESO regulations, we store and distribute chemical products in mobile containers of different kinds. Our independent fire sectors allow for expanded compatibilities.


Glass and other materials

We are equipped with handling tools to load and unload glass, as well as aluminium and wood. We process Customs clearances, handle with import quotas and carry out transportation from origin to destination.

Consumer goods

From collection at the exporter’s facilities to final delivery depots. We carry out the the complete process: transportation, customs, storage, stock control by references and batches, picking, palletizing and distribution.